Student Ministry

When you think about home, in most cases, it’s a place you feel the safest. For some, their home is not a safe place. This is why we want youth to understand church is a safe place to be. A place where they can be free to express how they feel and feel comfortable in their own skin. Safehouse is a place where loneliness and judgement are absent and Love is present.

The youth stage is a time where you find yourself experiencing different emotions and facing hardships that you haven’t experienced before. We want the youth to be able to make Safehouse Youth Ministry their safe place to run to.

Safehouse Student Ministry is for grades 6 - 12.
We meet every other Sunday after worship. The youth room is on the lower level of church.


Honey Creek Church



8200 West Bluemound Rd. Wauwatosa, WI 53213