God's Hands and M.J.P. Peace Center

HCC is committed to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ in our neighborhoods, cities, nation, and around the world. Believing that God wants all His children to know about Jesus, we give financially and prayerfully support and send missionaries to spread the Good News.

We also do it ourselves. God will bring people into your life in order to fulfill what is needed. We want to spread hope. We want children to feel valued.

 We decided to get involved in our city. We want to affect children and give them a safe place and mentor them and show them another path in life. Through prayer, persistence and God's grace, we had companies donate and provide materials at reduced cost in order to make this happen. 

We want to start a mentoring program next. Read what has happened so far, then contact us to get involved.

Michael J. Prescott Peace Center (God's Hands)

The M.J.P Peace Center is located in the heart of the 53206 neighborhood and reaches out to children, youth and families, providing food, clothing, mentoring and the Good News. Honey Creek is partnering with them by renovating a gym that was in total disrepair.

After a Milwaukee pastor’s son was murdered in 2015, she opened a center in his name to keep kids safe. The MJP Peace Center is dedicated to the memory of a young man who promoted peace in the inner city of Milwaukee. Michael loved to play basketball and dreamed of opening his own gym.

The basketball court on the second floor of the church was in total disrepair. Honey Creek Church partnered with the Peace Center to renovate the basketball court. Honey Creek brought in volunteers and companies who donated time, materials and services. The floor was donated. The sign was donated. Basketballs, shoes, and time were donated. The center is now an amazing place where children have an alternative to violence on the streets.

People can continue to support the good work being done through by contributing through the Go Fund Me page

Read details on how we approached the community to make people aware and to raise money. 

The Difference It Is Making:

So many of the girls and boys primary in the 53206 Armani neighborhood where God's Hands Outreach Mission is located in Milwaukee, were being pulled into the streets to a  life of gangs, crime, and violence.  The opening of the basketball court or the MJP Peace Center has saved many lives.

Since the basketball gymnasium was built by Honey Creek Church, we have been able to use basketball as a major tool to engage, mentor and guide approximately 75 youth daily towards an alternative path that gets them off the streets and helps ensure their future.  

From the mouth of “Demario” one of the youth from the peace center…he says "I love it here!” “I feel safe coming here, it’s the only safe place around here…they are always shooting down the street by COA it’s too scary. That’s why we come here; it’s the safe place to come.” 

Honey Creek Church connected us with Just One More Ministry where we receive food weekly, that we give daily to feed the children and as needed to help support hundreds of hungry children, women, couples and families in our neighborhood.

As a result of the gymnasium being built, parents who could not afford gym shoes for their children to participate, now have gym shoes because Honey Creek made that possible.

Honey Creek has donated computers to us to use for our upcoming computer lab, we pray that is soon to come.    

Parents who could not afford book bags and school supplies for their children were so grateful, and at Christmas time, they received presents.  For many of these children it was the only gift that they received, and at Easter, the children were so, so, happy to receive the Easter bags prepared by Honey Creek again, their parents cannot afford the extras. 

According to a community Liaison police officer of the Milwaukee Police Department 5th district  “the “block and the area has greatly improved since you guys have been here, and the gym opened, keep up the good work”.

The advantages or benefits that Honey Creek Church has helped us to do that we could not do… you have made the impossible, possible for us! Our long time prayers being answered and dreams coming true through you.

We now have professional basketball players who are involved. Rodney started at Vincent High School, played in the NBA for years and now lives down there. He helps the kids and teaches them basketball three days a week.


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8200 West Bluemound Rd. Wauwatosa, WI 53213