COVID-19 Updates

July 2020 - COVID-19 Reminders

Every conversation I have with the Board comes around to our two primary concerns: keeping our church body connected and keeping our church body safe. Those of us who have been able to physically gather on Sunday mornings have felt so much joy just being in the building together once again! However, as time goes on and COVID-19 continues to be a factor, it’s easy to forget that we must remain committed to following the Milwaukee County guidelines that enable us to continue meeting.

So, as a reminder to ALL of us, please review the following safety protocols:
• Keep a 6-foot distance between you and others at all times while in the building. 
• It is highly recommended that masks be used as you enter, leave, or move about the building. 
• Allow the ushers to help you find seats and then stay put throughout the service. 
• Sit with those of your own household. 
• Keep two chairs between you and others from another household. 
• No hugging, handshakes, or physical contact with others. 
• Children who attend must be old enough to sit with you for the entire service. You know your children best. If they are unable to sit quietly without being a distraction to others, we are asking that you watch the service from home.
• If you are not feeling well, please watch the service from home.

Also, please take note of our policy regarding what to do if someone you live with has been diagnosed with COVID-19:
“Those living with someone that has been formally diagnosed by their provider as being infected with COVID-19 must abstain from coming to church for 7 days from the time the household member developed symptoms, even when testing negative oneself.” (Advocate Aurora Guidelines for WI and IL)

We love seeing those of you who have been able to attend in person and we miss those of you who have been watching from home. We can’t wait to have everyone together again and pray continually for that day to come soon. Until then, we are praying and trusting God to keep us all strong and united in Him.
Trusting Him to Supply ALL your needs, 
Pastor Jeri and the Board


June 2020

Every Monday we will posting a link on our Facebook page where you can sign up to attend our Sunday morning services in person. 


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