Paul Trinko

Paul Trinko

Paul Trinko

Worship Director

Based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Paul Trinko is a worship leader and recording artist. His interest in music started as a young kid on the drums.  This carried into high school when he was given a guitar and found his calling as a guitarist, songwriter and singer. True to his Milwaukee roots, his primary influences are Rock and Hip-Hop. From high school until his mid-twenties, Paul played in a wide variety of bands. Living out the full musician stereotype, he also struggled with addiction most of his adult life. When he turned twenty-five, he met God and everything changed. Since then, God has been continually reconstructing and rebuilding Paul’s life. Naturally, his new life as a Christian consumes his lifestyle and artistic abilities. In the future, Paul plans to continue leading worship and writing, producing and releasing original music as God leads him.


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